CBD Robots Manage Big Data
The software is capable of listening, understanding, analyzing and interacting with people through voice, it can help people make conclusions and strategies, especially in business and medicine Software capable of integrating data in Hadoop and Spark distribution systems
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Flying car Medical Diagnostics
Apply the most advanced algorithms in Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Robotics, the flying car is intelligent on both air and ground The software can manage medical activities, in addition, can assist the physician to diagnose and discover the cause of the disease
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Product demo:

https://youtube.com/Ung thư AI

Predict consumption of consumers in marketing

Intelligent Education Software
Collecting customer data, the software can predict the purchasing power of customers for the product, in addition, the software can recommend products to the consumer The software is capable of reading, understanding, analyzing and concluding and strategizing from websites and sources (API Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, etc.)
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Product demo: